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The following titles were researched using Woodson Research Center's materials:

Some Information Concerning the Rice Institute
; J.T. McCants (1955)

William Marsh Rice and His Institute: A Biographical Study; Andrew Forest Muir (1972)

The General Plan of the William M. Rice Institute and its Architectural Development;
Stephen Fox (1980)

A History of Rice University: The Institute Years, 1907-1963; Fredericka Meiners (1982)

Ima Hogg, the Governor's Daughter; Virginia Bernhard (1984)

100 Years of Science and Technology in Texas; Leo G. Kosterman (1986)

The Navy V-12 Program: Leadership for a Lifetime; James G. Schneider (1987)

Eighteenth Century British and Irish Promptbooks; Edward A. Langhans (1987)

Rice University: A 75th Anniversary Portrait; Geoff Winningham (1987)

Braeswood: An Architectural History; The Anchorage Foundation (1988)

The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan: Selected Correspondence, 1861-1865;
Stephen W. Sears (1989)

A Walking Tour of Rice University; James C. Morehead, Jr. (1990)

Houston's Forgotten Heritage: Landscape, Houses, Interiors, 1824-1914; Dorothy Knox Howe Houghton, Barrie M. Scardino, Sadie Gwin Blackburn, Katherine S. Howe (1991)

William Ward Watkin and the Rice Institute; Patrick J. Nicholson (1991)

Baker & Botts in the Development of Modern Houston, Kenneth J. Lipartito and
Joseph A. Pratt (1991)

Houston, The Unknown CIty, 1836-1946, Marguerite Johnston (1991)

Julian Huxley, Biologist and Statesman of Science; Proceedings of a Conference Held at Rice University 25-27 September 1987; C. Kenneth Waters and Albert Van Helden (1992)

Creating the Big Game: John W. Heisman and the Invention of American Football; Wiley Lee Umphlett (1992)

Sources in Electrical History 2: Oral History Collection in U.S. Repositories, Center for the History of Electrical Engineering (1992)

The People of Baker Botts, J.H. Freeman (1992)

A University So Conceived; A Brief History of Rice University; John B. Boles (1992, 1997, 2006, 2012)

Memorial Park, a Priceless Legacy; Sarah H. Emmott (1992)

The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan; Selected Correspondence, 1860-1865; George Brinton McClellan, Stephen W. Sears (1992)

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: An Architectural History, 1924-1986; Stephen Fox (1992)

Gus Wortham: Portrait of a Leader; Fran Dressman (1994)

The Death of Old Man Rice: A True Story of Criminal Justice in America; Martin L. Friedland (1994)

A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Sculpture in Texas; Carol Morris Little (1996)

Philosophy and the Darwinian Legacy; Suzanne Cunningham (1996)

Historic Houston. An Illustrated History and Resource Guide, Betty Trapp Chapman (1997)

When the Bells Tolled for Lincoln: Southern Reaction to the Assassination; Carolyn Lawton Harrell (1997)

Battle on the Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston; Edward T. Cotham (1998)

Before This Decade is Out...Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program; Glen E. Swanson (1999)

Disasters and Accidents in Manned Spaceflight; David J. Shayler (2000)

Edgar Odell Lovett and the Creation of Rice University: The Meaning of the New Institution; John B. Boles (2000, reprint 2011)

Rice University; An Architectural Tour; Stephen Fox (2001)

Houston as a Setting of the Jewel: The Rice Institute; RHS (reprint 2002)

Come to Texas: Attracting Immigrants, 1865-1915; Barbara J. Rozek (2003)

The Houston Pilots: Silent Servants of Progress; Frances G. Trimble (2004)

Ancestors & Descendants of the Rice Brothers of Springfield, Mass: David Rice, William Marsh Rice, Caleb Hall Rice, Frederick Allyn Rice; Seven Generations, 1704-2004 (2005)

University Builder: Edgar Odell Lovett and the Founding of the Rice Institute; John B. Boles (2007)

Eckhardt. There Once Was a Congressman from Texas; Gary A. Keith (2007)

Societal Impact of Spaceflight; Steven J. Dick and Roger D. Launius (2007)

Desegregating Private Higher Education in the South: Duke, Emory, Rice, Tulane, and
Melissa Kean (2008)

Rienzi: European Decorative Arts and Paintings; Katherine S. Howe (2008)

Houston's Courtlandt Place; Sallie Gordon and Penny Jones (2009)

The Polio Years in Texas: Battling a Terrifying Unknown; Heather Green Wooten (2009)

Saturn; Laura Hamilton Waxman (2009)

Houston, 1860-1900; Ann Dunphy Becker (2010)

Houston's Silent Garden: Glenwood Cemetery, 1871-2009, Suzanne Turner and
Joanne Seale Wilson (2010)

The Cold War Politics of Genetic Research: An Introduction to the Lysenka Affair; William deJong-Lambert (2012)

Suddenly, Tomorrow Came; The NASA History of the Johnson Spacecraft Center; Henry C. Dethlof (2012)

Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council: The Coast Guard Journal of Safety & Security at Sea 1912-2012, 100 Years of Marine Safety (Summer 2012)

Heisman: The Man Behind the Trophy; John M. Heisman, John Schlabach (2012)

William Marsh Rice and His Institute. The Centennial Edition, Randal L. Hall (2012)

Captain James A. Baker of Houston, 1857-1941; Kate Sayen Kirkland (2012)

Rice University: One Hundred Years in Pictures; Karen Hess Rogers, Lee Pecht, and
Allan Harris Bath (2012)

Houston's River Oaks; Ann Dunphy Becker (2013)

The Hoggs of Texas; Letters and Memoirs of an Extraordinary Family, 1887-1906,
Virginia Bernhard (2013)

Democratizing Texas Politics: Race, Identity, and Mexican American Empowerment, 1945-2002; Benjamin Marquez (2014)

Oveta Culp Hobby: Colonel, Cabinet Member, Philanthropist; Debra L. Winegarten (2014)

Houston's Hermann Park: A Century of Community; Barrie Scardino Bradley (2014)

Weber-Staub-Briscoe Architectural Collection; 1909-2010 catalog; Dara Flinn and Lee Pecht (2014)

Camp Logan, Houston, Texas 1917-1919: A World War I Emergency Training Center; Louis F. Aulbach (2014)

Southside Place; Kate McCormick and Kris Holt (2014)

American Energy, Imperiled Coast, Jason P. Theriot (2014)

The Hawkins Ranch, Margaret L. Furse (2014)

The War of Guns and Mathematics; Mathematical Practices and Communities in France and Its Western Allies around World War I; David Aubin (2014)

Aunt Mary's Scrapbook; Sue Trammell Whitfield (2014)

Brochure of the Work of Wm. Ward Watkin, Architect; RHS (1920s, reprint 2014)

Unruly Waters: A Societal and Environmental History of the Brazos River; Kenna Lang Archer (2015)